Chops and Cutlets



I almost cut an edge off of one of the pork chops left on the platter in the kitchen.  I didn’t really want another helping of dinner, but another bite of pork chop was calling to me.

And then I thought of you.

You would do that whenever we had chops or steaks.  Didn’t take a plate.  Just stood over the platter meant for everyone and took a bite.  Or two or three.   You would salt it, right on the platter for everyone.  Add some hot sauce or steak sauce.  Without worrying whether or not anyone else wanted it.

If it was mentioned to you, you would say that it tastes better that way. (It usually did.)  Try it, you’d say.

Oh, it made Kevin so mad.

So tonight when I thought about taking part of the chop, I thought about you and Kevin.  Thought it would make him mad, even if I did it.  He would act like that chop could no longer be eaten.  He is probably right.

I wondered if I was the one who trained you to do that – to steal that prime piece of meat as if it didn’t really count.

And then I didn’t do it.


Tonight it is chicken cutlets.  You used to pour lemon juice all over them (too much). Again – regardless of whether others wanted any.  The remaining cutlets swam in the pool of lemon.

I remember Sarah turning up her nose and Kevin cursing.

The bottle of Real Lemon sits out tonight next to the cutlets.

Sarah doesn’t like them now without the lemon.  She knows enough to put it on her own plate.  And Kevin doesn’t comment.

I don’t use any lemon juice.

But I smile thinking of you.

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  1. Elle,
    I sense that this memory brought some joy to your day. I smiled as I read your slice! Sauces, juices and additives…a love it or hate it relationship in our house! My kids are both dippers-especially ranch or ketchup!

  2. I like how you just jump in when you write!

    There are many memories and emotions tied to our small moments …how a loved one liked to eat something, their habits, and more… Thank you for sharing.

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